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mars_icontest's Journal

Veronica Mars Icon Challenge
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Welcome to mars_icontest - an icon challenge community dedicated to the CW's Veronica Mars.

-Reply to the post with your icon entry with both the image and URL.
-Icons submitted must meet LiveJournal standards, no larger than 100x100, less than 40k, either .gif, .jpg, or .png
-Text, brushes, stocks are allowed.
-Animated icons are not allowed.
-Unless otherwise stated, a maximum of three entries are allowed per challenge.
-Do not enter in a challenge OR vote unless you are a member! All entries/votes will be disqualified/not counted.
-When voting, do not vote for yourself. This is so lame and your vote will not count.
-When submitting your icon(s), post the image as well as the URL.
-Just an extra note - all entries are screened so therefore you will not see who submitted what and who voted for who. However, when the winners are announced, you may ask how many votes your entry got. Any comments or questions can be unscreened at our discretion.

Monday - Friday: A new challenge and details will be posted. You'll have from the time the challenge is posted till Friday @ 11PM EST to enter. All icons recieved outside the time limit will not be counted.
Saturday - Sunday: A post of all icons received will be posted on Saturday with details on the voting. You have from the time the icons are posted until Sunday to vote. Voting will close on Sunday @ 6 EST. The winners will be announced Monday before a new challenge is put up.

When voting please post your top 3 favorites in order of preference.

1 - #23 (gets 3 points)
2 - #12 (gets 2 points)
3 - #07 (gets 1 point)

A first place, second place, and third place will be awarded to those with the most votes. A mod's choice will be chosen by the moderator. The mod's choice can be awarded to one of the first, second, or third place winners as well as to one that has not already placed. If you would like a banner for your winning icon you must comment in the results post and an additional post will be posted that week with your banner. If you do not request one, a banner will not be made, however, if at a later time you wish to receive one you may comment any post with the challenge it was originally in.









dekolette for header base.